ACnet Listserv Registration

We invite you to connect with admissions counselors serving Lutheran schools. You do not need to be an LEA member to participate on the listserv. (We hope you'll join LEA and receive all the LEA benefits in the future.)

Lutheran school admissions counselors have free access to a listserv that  allows and promotes interaction among themselves. Any LEA member may join the group, and school administrators who do not have an admissions counselor on staff may especially benefit.

This is not a new or separate LEA Network. Itís a communications tool, associated with LEADnet, intended to facilitate conversations, questions, mutual aid, and collaboration among admissions counselors, much like the LEADnet listserv does for administrators.

Your e-mail address will NOT be shared outside of LEA. Use the TAB key to move from box to box.


  1. Please provide the following contact information:

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