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We invite you to connect with athletic directors serving Lutheran schools. You do not need to be an LEA member to participate on the listserv. (We hope you'll join LEA and receive all the LEA benefits in the future.)

This listserv will allow you to post comments, questions, tips, and other information of interest to athletic directors in other Lutheran schools.

Athletic Ministries Directors (AMDnet) is for all the individuals responsible for the athletics ministries at their school and church. Principals or teachers who coach multiple sports may also benefit from the resources or discussions that take place. Athletic Directors and their assistants will be able to benefit by asking questions about new ideas, looking for resources, connecting with fellow leaders from another part of the state or country, getting forms or documents, and even something as simple as looking for guidance or assurance on tough issues.

Your e-mail address will NOT be shared outside of LEA. Use the TAB key to move from box to box.


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